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In what ways have you sourced finance for your business?

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Millions of African entrepreneurs like yourself go through a lot of pains acquiring knowledge (research) that is not funded, sourcing ways to finance their businesses, and more. Our community is all about giving back. Knowledge & Capital, are a few of our wealth of resources in YouLead Africa. We aspire positively, TO NURTURE, TO GROOM & TO IMPACT LIVES. However, it starts with you. your willingness to share through forums like ours, share experiences and help others overcome current struggles. We reward our forum participants randomly and generously. Join YouLead African experience.

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October 26, 2021 at 12:55 am

Hello. I have wondered in business and got to the place where i now understand that i need help. I first of all underwent many stages of struggles. I first began to do a lot of self realization exercise and i had to tell myself that it is no ones business to set me right…that i am the true and only pioneer of my life ship. I stated telling myself to quit blaming the government and embrace my dreams as my only reality. Today I’ve been able to start my own business but prior to that I already started developing my abilities to run my own business by volunteering in a hand full of companies. I simply woke up and knocked on peoples doors to offer free jobs. Later I started gaining real recognition for my rendered services. I now get patronage from new business relationships and I’m developing a new website.

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