Shawarma Online Enterprises is an online-first fast food kitchen that delivers ready-to-eat traditional and exotic meals, and healthy drinks using a combination of social commerce, online retail, and pick-up locations. Our model is to drive engagement and purchase online through our mobile application, website, and social media channels, and then consolidate through our physical pick-up locations. Social Commerce tools: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp (the goal is to make an order process as easy as a WhatsApp chat, an Instagram or Twitter DM, etc). Online retail: Website, Mobile Application, third-party apps (jumia food), food e-commerce sites. Physical locations: Pick-up locations. Tag line: Delicious Quality in every wrap. PRODUCT TYPES: 1. Shawarma (Chicken, beef, and mixed combo). 2. Chips and Chicken wings. 3. English Breakfast (pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausages, etc). 4. Asun. 5. Delicious Fruit-infused zobo drink (sugar-free). 6. Freshly squeezed orange juice. 7. Milkshakes. SERVICES: Personal orders (breakfast and lunchtime meals), Custom packages/Specials (birthdays and gift packages), Bulk orders (party pack, corporate package).

Name: Chinenye Ogbonna

YLA Code: YL058B

Gender: Female

State: Abia

Country: Nigeria

Educational Level: B.SC

Business Name: Shawarma Online Enterprises