Our fashion industry is concerned with making people look good and of course everyone wants to look good, One of the secret we have caught for success in fashion industry is CREATIVITY. As long as we are creative, we will get patronage accross board.
There is always market for fashion in Nigeria as People attend a lot of events which like weddings, parties, etc. And for all these events, they need to dress up, hence the ready market and that is why our vision simply states that making people look unique and classy. We intend to achieve this vision by introducing our customised fabrics in different designs of Ankara, Lace, Cashmere etc and make creative designs for our clients to look good and classy.
Looking at numerous brands in the Nigerian Market! We understand the principle of starting small and grow our Teesmidas Brand into a globally recognize brands with our Creativity and Expertise in years to come.
No matter how small we are starting, the good news is that we are becoming big very soon by our creative thinking and commitment to what we do. We have looked into a good location for our business which is a very strategic place that will make us visible and accessible. This would attract customers to our world.
What we have designed on our Customer care also has been properly looked into for effective communications and delivery, as this would equally help in attracting and keeping customers. We have also put measures together in carefully selecting our workforce for better representation of who we ARE.


YLA Code: YL055B

Gender: Female

State: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Educational Level: B.SC ACCOUNTING