eJollof is a food delivery brand managed by EVAGOLD RESOURCES and provides delicious and hygienically prepared Jollof Rice and other Nigerian recipes in Ready-To-Eat (RTE) packs for homes, offices, and events of all kinds. We believe our Jollof Rice is simply the best in town. We started operating unofficially in January 2021 and have been serving a small customer base (largely individuals), delivering Jollof Rice to their parties and other social gatherings.

However, we have plans to expand by placing Mini Food Kiosks at strategic locations within Lagos (one at a time), where people are densely populated between the hours of 7am – 3pm weekdays. This way, we can reach more customers and serve them with some of our tasty treats, starting first with just jollof rice, at pocket friendly prices, and then gradually add other menus as we see the need. The Kiosk approach will help us reduce the cost of production to a great extent, so that we can provide our services at a very competitive price.

Name: Uba Chinwendu

YLA Code: YL071b

Gender: Female

State: Imo

Country: Nigeria

Educational Level: HND

Business Name: Evagold

Business Overview: